drop anchor

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Verb1.drop anchor - secure a vessel with an anchordrop anchor - secure a vessel with an anchor; "We anchored at Baltimore"
fasten, fix, secure - cause to be firmly attached; "fasten the lock onto the door"; "she fixed her gaze on the man"
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Eight miles away, it was not till two in the afternoon that the light air-fans enabled her to drop anchor a quarter of a mile off the shore.
Occasionally he would remark that within a few days they should certainly see a steamer drop anchor off their shore, and that then they should all be reunited happily.
As a result of the gale-force winds, most of the ships failed to drop anchor, with the exception of ITS ALISEO (Italy).
With the red boat hard aground and not moving, the skipper and crew decided to drop anchor and wait for daylight to try and see if they could float off when the tide rose the following day.
And with a shipmate like Karena on board you'd be happy to drop anchor for a while.
Steve Leach and Will Parton both hit 55 with the bat as Shrewsbury reached 264 for four before Berkswell were forced to drop anchor in reply, closing on 224 for nine.
Instead of heading for a safe haven, Sisu decided to drop anchor in an open bay, thus saving port charges, to ride out the storm and then cash in when the storm passed once the ship, Sky Blue, had completed her voyage and the profits earned.
Giving more details of the approved salvage plan, the Tubbataha Protected Area Management Board (TPAMB) said a crane-bearing salvage ship will drop anchor one kilometre away from the protected coral walls of the Tubbataha Reef.
The 'Zhenhua 10' was due to dock at Vallarpadam Terminal but as the area lacked sufficient depth for the ship to drop anchor, it was finally diverted after three weeks to Kochi.
Boaters rarely take the time to rig a trip line every time they drop anchor and the trip-able anchors can compromise the safety and security of the boat," says Provonchee.
HMS Kent is to drop anchor at Roath Basin in Cardiff Bay tomorrow evening.
However, punters saw Collingwood and Bell drop anchor and smashed into the draw meaning a second consecutive losing Test for us.