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Noun1.drop line - a headline with the top line flush left and succeeding lines indented to the right
headline, newspaper headline - the heading or caption of a newspaper article
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The Rohto Cooling Eye Drop line has an assortment of cooling solutions for a variety of symptoms to refresh, moisturize and provide fast-acting relief for irritated eyes:
Victory would lift them above the drop line and move them to within four points of Norwich.
They still might go down if they fail to maintain a timely revival, which has lifted them above the drop line, but in terms of points, Benteke's contribution has been invaluable.
The PyroBus sensor (model P821) operates on RS485, allowing up to 32 sensors to communicate on one drop line.
We know that teams around us will lose games and one of these days, if we keep winning, we are going to find ourselves above the drop line.
According to him parking arrangements at Cantonment Railway Station are being streamlined with a separate drop line facility.
Gas checks prior to entering a confined space can be carried out using a drop line, hand aspirator or via an optional built in pump (supplied as standard on the Impact Pro) that turns on and off automatically when the sampling tube is connected.
It supports collaboration work by drag and drop line switching and the contents transferring through emails.
Tenders are invited for Supply and laying/fixing of 600 meters of 2 dia overhead compressed air pipeline and 250 meters of 3/4 dia compressed air drop line for PSLV assembly, PSLV CNC, Prithvi CNC shops and extension of 40meters of 2 dia overhead pipeline from Prithvi CNC shop to Welding shop
We wanted to showcase the premium look of our Marley's One Drop line and help it stand out on the shelf.
Second, it is a so-called relegation six-pointer - both teams are currently below the drop line.