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1. Something dropped.
2. droppings The excrement of animals.


(ˈdrɒp ɪŋ)

1. the act of one that drops.
2. something that drops.
3. droppings, dung.
[before 1000]
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Adj.1.dropping - coming down freely under the influence of gravity; "the eerie whistle of dropping bombs"; "falling rain"
descending - coming down or downward
References in classic literature ?
Meg arranged the tea table, Jo brought wood and set chairs, dropping, over-turning, and clattering everything she touched.
Dropping to her knees, she tried to pray, but instead of prayers words of protest came to her lips.
Professor Bumper seemed to fall backward as the grip of the serpent relaxed, but Tom, dropping his rifle, and calling to Ned to keep an eye on the snake, leaped forward and caught his friend.
When the sun was dropping low, Antonia came up the big south draw with her team.
Immense, I tell you," persisted Madame Ratignolle, surveying the sketches one by one, at close range, then holding them at arm's length, narrowing her eyes, and dropping her head on one side.
returned the scout, dropping his rifle, and turning away like a man who was convinced of his error.
No," he said with a sudden dropping of his boyish manner and a slight lifting of his head.
A cab; an omnibus, with its populous interior, dropping here and there a passenger, and picking up another, and thus typifying that vast rolling vehicle, the world, the end of whose journey is everywhere and nowhere; these objects he followed eagerly with his eyes, but forgot them before the dust raised by the horses and wheels had settled along their track.
But I could imagine, even then, that, under some excitement which should go deeply into his consciousness -- roused by a trumpets real, loud enough to awaken all of his energies that were not dead, but only slumbering -- he was yet capable of flinging off his infirmities like a sick man's gown, dropping the staff of age to seize a battle-sword, and starting up once more a warrior.
A sloop was loitering in the distance, dropping slowly down with the tide, her sail hanging uselessly against the mast; and as the reflection of the sky gleamed along the still water, it seemed as if the vessel was suspended in the air.
Thinks I, I'll wait awhile; he must be dropping in before long.