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After I had fallen over eight or nine precipices and thus found out that one half of my brain had been asleep eight or nine times without the wide-awake, hard-working other half suspecting it, the periodical unconsciousnesses began to extend their spell gradually over more of my brain-territory, and at last I sank into a drowse which grew deeper and deeper and was doubtless just on the very point of being a solid, blessed dreamless stupor, when--what was that?
The mouse eventually retired, and by and by I was sinking to sleep, when a clock began to strike; I counted till it was done, and was about to drowse again when another clock began; I counted; then the two great RATHHAUS clock angels began to send forth soft, rich, melodious blasts from their long trumpets.
I think I drowse myself, for all of sudden I feel guilt, as though I have done something.
Through growing drowse he heard the names of devils - of Zulbazan, Son of Eblis, who lives in bazars and paraos, making all the sudden lewd wickedness of wayside halts; of Dulhan, invisible about mosques, the dweller among the slippers of the faithful, who hinders folk from their prayers; and Musboot, Lord of lies and panic.
Her very soul, her grave, indignant, and fantastic soul, seemed to drowse like an exhausted traveller surrendering himself to the sleep of death.
He would not let her get up to dinner, but fed her himself, and then forgot his own while he sat watching her fall into a drowse, for Aunt Plenty's cordial made her sleepy.
She lay so several hours for the drowse deepened into a heavy sleep, and Uncle Alec, still at his post, saw with growing anxiety that a feverish colour began to burn in her cheeks, that her breathing was quick and uneven, and now and then she gave a little moan, as if in pain.
Chat logs revealed the gang would offer advice on using "date rape" drugs or over-the-counter medication to drowse children and babies.
The brain helps with that by introducing melatonin, a hormone that prepares the body to drowse and to drift into sleep.
Married in August's heat and drowse, lover and friend in your chosen spouse.
The female vampires exist independently of Jonathan's dream, and yet their real visitation hinges on the fact that Jonathan has begun to drowse (38).
But when the fires of autumn have burned down to umber and dark purple, when the cattails hold up their tawny cylinders in the swale, when the soft mists hang on the fading horizon, time seems to stop and drowse in the sunny corner of the orchard, you know that Indian summer has captured the earth.