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also drug·gy  (drŭg′ē)
n. pl. drug·gies Slang
One that takes or is addicted to drugs.


(Recreational Drugs) informal a drug addict. Also called: drugster


or drug•gy

(ˈdrʌg i)

n., pl. -gies. Slang.
a habitual user of drugs, esp. a narcotic or illicit drug.
[1965–70, Amer.]


n (inf)Drogenkonsument(in) m(f), → Drogi m (inf)
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Mom is presumably a druggie but, like Dad, is a cardboard character who evokes wildly inconsistent feelings in her daughter.
I was an eight-year-old, broke, illiterate, black orphan with blonde hair and blue eyes, daughter of a druggie who had just died of an overdose," writes Ford, only a chapter before Symone is skipped a grade because of her brilliance.
Not surprisingly, this strategy works better for Kline than it might for a real father, and by August the embittered suicidal druggie teenager is crying "I love you" to his bedridden pop.
Belfast Crown Court heard druggie James Brian Greer, 30, was convicted of attempting to murder Tony McCrystal on June 6, 2011, but this was overturned on appeal before he admitted grievous bodily harm.
The tribunal heard that a boy had posted on the Facebook site: "Mr Routledge will always be remembered for branding me a druggie.
As she took to the sea in St Lucia, Amy's sad transformation from curvy jazz sensation to wretched druggie in just three years was painfully obvious.
Not 10 minutes into the druggie drama ``Candy,'' our titular heroine (not to be confused with the movie's drug of choice) has overdosed in the bathtub after begging her boyfriend, Dan (Heath Ledger), to let her try shooting up his way this time.
An e-mail is circulating the world suggesting that the druggie rocker's real name is, in fact, Trevor McDermott - and that he's a professional Buddy Holly impersonator.
First, Jim thinks Zanny is in love with his twin brother Jake, a loosely wired drinker and druggie who already has a girlfriend.
The explanation for her credulity, I think, is that she assumes anyone who opposes the war on drugs is an irresponsible druggie, just the sort of person who would get high before going on national television or encourage teenagers to drive while intoxicated.
Druggie nihilism reared its head with Asia Argento's adaptation of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, a series of autobiographical short stories by onetime male prostitute J.
Now he has become a druggie according to so-called evidence from clay pipes which may, or may not, have been used by him.