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also drug·gy  (drŭg′ē)
n. pl. drug·gies Slang
One that takes or is addicted to drugs.


(Recreational Drugs) informal a drug addict. Also called: drugster


or drug•gy

(ˈdrʌg i)

n., pl. -gies. Slang.
a habitual user of drugs, esp. a narcotic or illicit drug.
[1965–70, Amer.]


n (inf)Drogenkonsument(in) m(f), → Drogi m (inf)
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I notice the two druggies are also watching her handbag.
The people doing this are druggies and drunks, and I can't cope with it any more.
There again, we don't - although maybe we should - jail more than one in 20 druggies.
He told me he was wearing his jacket and says he was told by a teacher he couldn't wear it in school because it had a hood and made him look a robber or a criminal and it is what druggies wear.
The Public Security Department (PSD) said in a statement that the Anti-Narcotics team "accomplished its mission by launching intensive campaigns against drug dealers and druggies across the Kingdom".
Blyth also got the Channel 4 treatment when it was depicted as a place full of druggies and layabouts.
But type 2 diabetes affects a jaw-dropping five per cent of our population, and treating them eats up 10 times more than the spend on druggies.
THE VERDICT Rapper Plan B (aka Ben Drew) makes his directorial debut with this downbeat, dark drama that features six interweaving stories, linking druggies, hoodies and prostitutes.
The druggies round here don't go and see the doctor.
4 DRUGGIES calling the latest fix-of-choice "meow meow".
Start charging these immature, irresponsible people who risk their own and the lives of emergency crews with their stupid walking, climbing and other stupid activities in bad weather; the drunks and druggies who have to be transported to hospital wasting ambulance, police and hospital services time.
May I suggest we start with good honest people who work and pay taxes all their life, then the next should be children (who we hope will work and pay their taxes in the future), then the sick who are too ill to work, then the others that he writes about ie druggies, alchoholics ex prisoners.