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I'd had my suspicions about the brakes when I spotted a single disc on the front and a drum brake on the rear.
The model also boasts a number of safety features including large front disc brake, cylinder rear drum brake (auto slack adjuster) and anti-lock brake system.
The car has a disc brake in the front part and a drum brake in the rear part of its body.
However, the larger and heavier the vehicle, the larger and heavier the drum brake unit must be to dissipate the enormous heat generated in stopping a large vehicle.
It may not follow the original TR6C implicitly ( the exhaust was on the other side and a drum brake graced the front end ( but that will only bother the purists out there.
Adding the new GOLD drums for the larger high performance drum brake systems that will be coming out in August 2011, can save fleets an additional 76 pounds over full cast drums, offsetting weight penalties of the larger front and rear brakes.
The model features a single headlight unit at the front that sits across the cowl, with clear lens indicators set side-by-side, handle-mounted mirrors on the blacked out-handlebars, suspension via telescopic forks at the front and a set of dual shock absorbers at the rear, a side-mounted silencer and a drum brake assembly.
TMD Friction Group makes disc brake pads and drum brake linings for cars and commercial vehicles together with brake pads for racing cars and friction materials for rail and industrial applications.
disc brake assemblies and components, including callipers, rotors and knuckles, drum brake assemblies and parts, including drum brakes, drum-in-hat adapters, hubs and integral parking brakes) include Continental, Bosch, TRW, Akebono, Advics and Delphi.
While the drum brake Activa 125 would carry a price tag of 6,000, the Activa 125 disc brake variant would reach the market at 63,000.
The factory makes items such as disc brake pads and drum brake linings under the Mintex name for cars and commercial vehicles.
The initial step in the restructuring plan was to discontinue the production of drum brake linings at the plant in Prattville, which was completed during the first quarter of 2008.