drunken revelry

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Noun1.drunken revelry - a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuitydrunken revelry - a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity
revel, revelry - unrestrained merrymaking
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The King's party, however, had no suspicion that an attack was imminent, and, in direct contrast to the methods of the baronial troops, had spent the preceding night in drunken revelry, so that they were quite taken by surprise.
Given the very public benders he'd been photographed indulging in following his split from actress Sienna Miller, could it have been the result of another night of drunken revelry perhaps, or a clash with some paparazzi?
Some are candid shots capturing drunken revelry on the dance floor.
Not to mention the bobbies needed to deal with the drunken revelry seen in some areas every weekend.
It was immediately afterwards, amid all the drunken revelry, that he lunged at a young woman, pressing her against a wall wit hwoman, pressing her against a wall wit his body.
AWARE of the perils of drunk driving, pub owners claim they encourage their clients to opt for cabs instead of driving back home after a night of drunken revelry.
htm) Festival of Anna Perenna , it was a jubilant affair with drunken revelry and plenty of celebration.
While it might seem like it's just a day for drunken revelry, it can also be a good chance to try out some nonverbal flirting at the bar or during a parade.
Before you get carried away, the Duchess of Northumberland is no fool and the Alnwick affair will be family-orientated rather than dedicated to drunken revelry.
DESPITE scenes of drunken revelry across Wales, the traditional Christmas office party weekend passed more quietly than usual, police and emergency services said.
Yesterday photos of drunken revelry were published along with claims that some players were present at a 'dwarf throwing' competition.
But while that's the hope, police know it's possible that out-of-control drunken revelry could mar postgame festivities in Eugene.