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1. Resembling, relating to, or consisting of a drupe: drupaceous fruit.
2. Producing drupes: a drupaceous tree.


(druˈpeɪ ʃəs)

1. resembling or relating to a drupe; consisting of drupes.
2. producing drupes.
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Adj.1.drupaceous - of or related to a drupe
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Several features common in Apiineae are also found in most of these groups, such as ovary-roof nectaries (Erbar & Leins, 2010), a single functional ovule (either per locule or per ovary), drupaceous fruits, and sheathing petiole bases, but there are significant exceptions to each.
another drupaceous species in the Oleaceae (Hanausek 1907; King 1938).
The drupaceous pistachio fruit consists of an edible kernel (seed) and a seed coat (testa) encased in a hardened shell (endocarp), all of which are surrounded by a fleshy hull (mesocarp and epicarp) which is removed during processing [24].
PLUMBUM (plum-bum)--a tropical disease in which the sufferer's buttocks gradually take on the colour and shape of a drupaceous fruit from trees of the genus Prunus [an obsolete word for lead]
in "North American Trees," as "a globose, orange, semi-fleshy, glandular-coated drupaceous berry one-third to one-half inch long.