dry cereal

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Noun1.dry cereal - a cereal that is not heated before servingdry cereal - a cereal that is not heated before serving
cereal - a breakfast food prepared from grain
granola - cereal made of especially rolled oats with dried fruits and nuts and honey or brown sugar
raisin bran - bran flakes with raisins
corn flake - crisp flake made from corn
bran flake - wheat flake including the bran
wheatflake - crisp flake made from wheat
puffed rice - puffy rice kernels
puffed wheat - puffy wheat berries
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The Department also provided packs of high energy biscuits, cup noodles, and infant dry cereal.
SUNNY CRUNCH FOODS HAS DEVELOPED THE PERFECT BREAKFAST SOLUTION FOR CONSUMERS ON The RUN--Goh-Goh Cereal, an innovative dry cereal packaged in a single-serve cup that transforms into cereal with real milk once the consumer adds water.
and drinks be to The correct serving sizes, offered two to three times a day, include 1/2-1 medium slice of bread, 3-6 heaped tablespoons of dry cereal (cornflakes), 1/2-1 boiled, poached or fried egg, 1/4-1 medium sausage, 125ml pot of yoghurt, 3-10 small grapes/berries (they can eat more fruit and veg if they want).
The correct serving sizes, offered two to three times a day, include -1 medium slice of bread, 3-6 heaped tablespoons of dry cereal eg.
Folks back then were more likely to start their day with oatmeal than dry cereal.
5 oz 333 mg Milk, soy or almond, 8 oz 300-450 mg Milk, skim, 8 oz 299 mg Vegetables Vegetable juice (calcium enriched) 8 oz 300 mg Collard greens, boiled, drained, 1 cup 268 mg Spinach, boiled, drained, 1 cup 245 mg Broccoli, cooked, 1 cup 62 mg Fruit Orange juice (calcium fortified) 6 oz 272 mg Grapefruit juice (calcium fortified) 6 oz 263 mg Figs, dried, uncooked, 1 cup 241 mg Orange, navel, 1 medium 60 mg Protein Sardines, canned in oil, (w/bones) 3 oz 325 mg Tofu, firm, (made with calcium) half-cup 253 mg Salmon, pink, canned (w/bones) 3 oz 181 mg Almonds, whole, 1 oz 76 mg Grains Dry cereal, (calcium fortified) 1 cup 100-1,000 mg Bread, white, 1 slice 73 mg Quinoa, cooked, 1 cup 31 mg Bread, whole wheat, 1 slice 30 mg
Fortunately, if you don't have time to prepare breakfast from scratch or don't want to serve the same dry cereal again, there are tasty refrigerated and frozen packaged items to try.
Most of the program's food needs are met through the USDA surplus products and the Food Bank of Alaska, but the program's current wish list includes dry cereal, #10 cans of fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, breakfast meats such as sausage or bacon, lunch meat, and fresh fruit.
The breakfast for Tuesdays would contain Juice/Coffee, Tea/Milk, Cream of Wheat Oatmeal, Scrambled Eggs, Toast, and Margarine, while it would be Juice/Coffee, Tea/Milk, Dry Cereal Oatmeal, Pancakes with Syrup, Bacon, and Margarine.
Next, sprinkle two to three tablespoons crushed granola, dry cereal or chopped nuts.
an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, has shipped three popular children's games -- Freddi Fish: Kelp Seed Mystery, Pajama Sam: Don't Fear the Dark and Spy Fox in Dry Cereal --on Wii(TM) for a competitive price of $19.