dry dock

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dry dock

A large dock in the form of a basin that can be pumped free of water, used for building a ship or for making repairs below a vessel's water line.

dry dock

(Civil Engineering) a basin-like structure that is large enough to admit a ship and that can be pumped dry for work on the ship's bottom
(Nautical Terms) to put (a ship) into a dry dock, or (of a ship) to go into a dry dock

dry′ dock`

a structure able to contain a ship, leaving all parts of the hull accessible for repairs, painting, or construction.


1. to place (a ship) in a dry dock.
2. (of a ship) to go into a dry dock.
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Noun1.dry dock - a large dock from which water can be pumped outdry dock - a large dock from which water can be pumped out; used for building ships or for repairing a ship below its waterline
docking facility, dockage, dock - landing in a harbor next to a pier where ships are loaded and unloaded or repaired; may have gates to let water in or out; "the ship arrived at the dock more than a day late"
floating dock, floating dry dock - dry dock that can be submerged under a vessel and then raised
shipyard - a workplace where ships are built or repaired
References in classic literature ?
The engineers visited the Scotia, which was put in dry dock.
A hulk came along- side, took our cargo, and then we went into dry dock to get our copper stripped.
It matters not what stranded ships repairing in dry docks I lost myself among, what old hulls of ships in course of being knocked to pieces, what ooze and slime and other dregs of tide, what yards of ship-builders and ship-breakers, what rusty anchors blindly biting into the ground though for years off duty, what mountainous country of accumulated casks and timber, how many rope-walks that were not the Old Green Copper.
It is true, we are such poor navigators that our thoughts, for the most part, stand off and on upon a harborless coast, are conversant only with the bights of the bays of poesy, or steer for the public ports of entry, and go into the dry docks of science, where they merely refit for this world, and no natural currents concur to individualize them.
Costa Magica, that already left Marseille dry dock on November 25, was subjected to a major refurbishment of the restaurants and wellness areas:
It is the biggest vessel to enter the dry dock since starting operation in 2011.
In its meeting last week, the cabinet allowed floating hotels to use underwater filming to ensure their safety, instead of dry dock inspections.
Now, she's back in Scotland and could be entering dry dock as soon as next month.
Fireman's Fund, Great American, and MSI underwrote insurance policies that included coverage for a dry dock that Signal owned.
Manannan was brought back to the Liverpool Landing Stage on Tuesday while she waited for a chance to access the Cammell Laird dry dock for extensive repairs.
Muscat, Nov 21 (ONA) Oman Dry Dock Company (ODDC) successfully completed the conversion of the Greek ship "Olympic Leopard" from iron ore and oil carrier to oil tanker and delivered in a record time.
9 (Guam) 6/1/2015) the sinking of a dry dock loaded with barrels of oil during a typhoon on Guam was underwritten with a warranty requiring a Navy certification.