dry milk

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dry′ milk′

powdery milk from which about 95 percent of the moisture has been evaporated.
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Noun1.dry milk - dehydrated milkdry milk - dehydrated milk      
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
nonfat dry milk - dehydrated skimmed milk
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The plant, which has the factory a production capacity of around 20,000 tonnes, was owned by Kraft Heinz's Italian division and made pasta, liquid and dry milk, cereals and baby food under the Italian brands Nipiol and Dieterba as well as the gluten-free range BiAglut and protein-free Aproten.
INGREDIENTS | 11/4 cups flour | 2 tablespoons dry milk powder | 1 vegetable stock cube (no salt) | 1/4 cup boiling water | 1/4 cup safflower oil | 1 tspn brown sugar | 1/4 cup carrots, grated | 1 egg | Extra flour for dusting.
Clothing, medical supplies, and MilkMan Instant Low Fat Dry Milk airlifted to help victims of Category 4 Hurricane
In continuation to support IDPs, Pakistan Navy has dispatched another consignment of relief goods comprising flour, rice, sugar, lentils, cooking oil, dry milk and all bedding items etc from Islamabad.
The relief items including sugar, wheat flour, rice, Ghee, pulses, tea, dry milk, besides 1000 bigger packs containing other essential items, 300 Atta bags, 160 tea packs, and 720 mineral water bottles were sent to Bannu from Jinah Library Khanewal.
It will also not only be able to produce condensed milk powders, such as non-fat dry milk powder and skim milk powder, but will be also be able to produce whole milk powder for domestic and export markets.
The new technique emulsifies vitamin D in a rehydrated, nonfat dry milk solution, which is added to cheese milk during the standard manufacturing process.
The powdered cheese is made similarly to other dry milk products.
Overall, half of the 30 patients in the study were able to take 8 grams of milk protein - the equivalent of 8 ounces of liquid milk - without any sign of allergic reaction at the end of the two-year trial, but a comparison of the two approaches showed the dry milk route to be superior, said the study done by John Hopkins Children's Centre and Duke University.
The hospital authorities have also set up a relief camp to collect dry eatables, clothes, shoes, dry milk, medicines, blankets and money for the aid of flood victims.
The relief goods package included 5kg ghee tins, 20kg flour bags, 10kg rice bags, 1kg tea, 1kg dry milk, 2kg sugar bags and stitched clothes for female and children, she added.
Modest growth is also predicted for Non Fat Dry Milk production, estimated to be up 2 per cent in 2010 to 56,000 metric tons.