dry off

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òerra, òurrka
kuru mak

w>dry off

vi (clothes etc)trocknen, trocken werden
vt sepabtrocknen


(drai) adjective
1. having little, or no, moisture, sap, rain etc. The ground is very dry; The leaves are dry and withered; I need to find dry socks for the children.
2. uninteresting and not lively. a very dry book.
3. (of humour or manner) quiet, restrained. a dry wit.
4. (of wine) not sweet.
verbpast tense, past participle dried
to (cause to) become dry. I prefer drying dishes to washing them; The clothes dried quickly in the sun.
dried adjective
(of food) having had moisture removed for the purpose of preservation. dried flowers; dried fruit.
ˈdrier, ˈdryer noun
a machine etc that dries. a spin-drier; a hair-dryer.
ˈdrily, ˈdryly adverb
in a quiet, restrained (and humorous) manner. He commented drily on the untidiness of the room.
ˈdryness noun
ˌdry-ˈclean verb
to clean (clothes etc) with chemicals, not with water.
dry land
the land as opposed to the sea etc.
dry off
to make or become completely dry. She climbed out of the swimming-pool and dried off in the sun.
dry up
1. to lose water; to cease running etc completely. All the rivers dried up in the heat.
2. to become used up. Supplies of bandages have dried up.
3. to make dry. The sun dried up the puddles in the road.
4. (of a speaker) to forget what he is going to say. He dried up in the middle of his speech.
References in classic literature ?
Your Latin and rigmarole may soon dry off you, but you'll be but a bare stick after that.
When it's time to dry off, use the beach as your giant Sandbox, you can build huge Sand castles, play beach volleyball, or ride dune bikes.
After the month of April the state treasury will dry off because the World Banks won't grant new loans before the elections.
Then leave your dog to lounge around and dry off in no time inside his coat.
I'd stuck my boots outside my door to dry off after our last game and he thought it would be funny to stuff some cheese into them.
At this time of year, though, it is a good idea to get up at the crack of dawn and water things before the sun rises, with enough time for the wet leaves to dry off before the sun breaks through.
Dry off and then apply Briwax with steel wool and buff with a dry lint-free cloth.
DRY off achimenes and set under a bench until needed.
Before storing, leave them in the sun or greenhouse to dry off and let the skin harden ?
Lift maincrop potatoes, choosing a dry day so the tubers can be left on the surface for a couple of hours to allow the skin to dry off thoroughly.
ZENA: Fold and stack everything neatly as soon as it's dry off the washing line or tumble-dryer.
The instructions here about raking out the dead grass and most of the moss, then spiking the lawn to a good six inches should be done when the lawn has had a few days to dry off, otherwise you'll be doing more harm than good.