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dub 1

tr.v. dubbed, dub·bing, dubs
1. To tap lightly on the shoulder by way of conferring knighthood.
2. To honor with a new title or description.
3. To give a name to facetiously or playfully; nickname.
4. To strike, cut, or rub (timber or leather, for example) so as to make even or smooth.
5. To dress (a fowl).
6. To execute (a golf stroke, for example) poorly.
An awkward person or player; a bungler.

[Middle English dubben, from Old English dubbian, perhaps from Old French aduber.]

dub 2

v. dubbed, dub·bing, dubs
1. To thrust at; poke.
2. To beat (a drum).
1. To make a thrust.
2. To beat on a drum.
1. The act of dubbing.
2. A drumbeat.

[Perhaps from Low German dubben, to hit, strike.]

dub 3

tr.v. dubbed, dub·bing, dubs
a. To transfer (recorded material) onto a new recording medium.
b. To copy (a record or tape).
2. To insert a new soundtrack, often a synchronized translation of the original dialogue, into (a film).
3. To add (sound) into a film or tape: dub in strings behind the vocal.
1. The new sounds added by dubbing.
2. A dubbed copy of a tape or record.
3. A mostly instrumental style of music originating in Jamaica, produced by remixing existing recordings to emphasize drum and bass rhythms and adding audio effects.

[Short for double.]

dub′ber n.

dub 4

n. Scots
A puddle or small pool.

[Origin unknown.]


 (dŭb′ĭn) also dub·bing (-ĭng)
An application of tallow and oil for dressing leather.

[From dub.]


1. (Film) the replacement of a soundtrack in one language by one in another language
2. (Film) the combination of several soundtracks into a single track
3. (Film) the addition of a soundtrack to a film or broadcast


1. (Angling) angling hair or fur spun on waxed silk and added to the body of an artificial fly to give it shape
2. (Textiles) a variant of dubbin


Either replacing the soundtrack with a foreign language one, combining several soundtracks on a single one, or adding sounds such as music to the film.
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Noun1.dubbing - a new soundtrack that is added to a film
soundtrack - sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film
دَبْلَجَه، إضافَة مُؤَثِّراتٍ صَوْتِيَّه


A. N (Cine) → doblaje m
B. CPD dubbing mixer Nmezclador(a) m/f de sonido


n (Film) → Synchronisation f


[ˈdʌbɪŋ] n (Cine) → doppiaggio


(dab) past tense, past participle dubbed verb
1. to give (a film) a new sound-track (eg in a different language).
2. to add sound effects or music to (a film etc).
ˈdubbing noun
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