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A leader or commander; a chief.

[Italian, from Latin dux, duc-; see duke.]


(ˈduːtʃɪ; Italian ˈduːtʃe)
[C20: from Italian, from Latin dux]


(Italian ˈduːtʃe)
(Historical Terms) Il Duce (il) the title assumed by Benito Mussolini as leader of Fascist Italy (1922–43)


(ˈdu tʃeɪ)

n., pl. -ces, -ci (-chē).
1. a leader or dictator.
2. il Duce, the leader: title of Benito Mussolini as head of Fascist Italy.
[1920–25; < Italian < Medieval Latin dux (genitive ducis), Latin: leader; compare duke]
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Noun1.duce - leaderduce - leader; "Mussolini was called Il Duce"
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
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He thought he must hasten to pro- duce his tale to protect him from the missiles already at the lips of his redoubtable comrades.
Penalties were needed and Town's brave volunteers - Priestley, Duce, Allen, McCamon and Halligan - stepped forward, while stand-in keeper Biglin face the Rovers quintet.
This obelisk, located at the entrance of the former Mussolini Forum (presently "Foro Italico") in Rome, was planned and built by the Duce of Fascism only four years after the first project.
Dave Raymond and Duce Raymond, director of Culinary, will join Sivek and Borsum at SBR Events Group as influential voices in the direction of the collective businesses.
Paul Duce, 45, from Saltburn, and his two mates, Paul Jarred, 46, from Redcar, and Mike Wilkinson, 58, from Bishop Auckland, were among the group who first of all completed the Boundary 500 Challenge, which covers 500 miles in the North of England.
The 16 well-researched and illustrated essays included in this book, devoted to an analysis of the Duce's cult, are grouped into four sections: 'The Origin of the Personality Cult,' 'The Duce and the Fascist Regime,' 'The Iconography of the Duce,' and 'After the Fall of Fascism.
Sally Duce, directorate manager of paediatrics at the hospital, said: "We are now able to buy equipment to help with the implementation of a new form of screening of all babies born at the Trust - which equates to approximately 3,800 a year.
We want to create a cycle hub," says Mark Duce, Cycle Chain's finance director, "somewhere where cyclists can use facilities and non-cyclists can hire a bike.
Duce said her husband, a gardening enthusiast, could have been bitten by an EEE virus-carrying mosquito at their house, which borders a wooded area.
Charlotte Duce (restructuring) and Imogen Noons (employment) were both made legal directors, whilst Laura Cashmore, Tom Farrell and Anne Marie Wiseman (finance), Rob Forsyth (employment) and Laura Taylor (restructuring) were all promoted to associate.
TEENAGE singer Sarah Duce is aiming for success in a national talent contest.
The Marlborough trainer went agonisingly close to landing the prize when Il Duce was beaten a neck by L'Antartique in 2007.