duck hunting

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hunting, hunt - the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
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Last season and the upcoming will be some of my most fond memories of duck hunting.
ARGENTINE DUCK HUNTING: We have the best duck hunting in Argentina.
Duck hunting is a trendy big business now, the state depends on it, more ducks are getting killed, and we are losing habitat, but yet the duck breeding numbers keep going up?
Duck hunting is hunkering in black water amid big mossy trees, holding your breath until they clear the canopy.
These ``Cast and Blast'' trips consisted of guide service on a drift boat with duck hunting at day break and fishing when the trout warm up enough to start feeding on nymphs, larva, emergers or big streamers.
That was until this past season when its duck hunting struggled like most.
California duck hunting is different than what I know, but it's also just like everywhere else: you should have been there tomorrow.
Sure these tools fool the ducks and bring them in closer for a cleaner kill, but at the same time, it's ruining and degrading the sport of duck hunting.
Arkansas is known for a few things in this world and duck hunting is one of them," Greenhead editor and avid hunter Brent Birch said.
I had returned home from a morning whitetail hunt, and told the boys we should go duck hunting.
95) Dorsey provides an adequate history of duck hunting, contrasting the modern stress on conservation with the virtual slaughter of birds into the early part of the century.
In the lineup of prime duck hunting spots to be had in Arkansas, Stuttgart has perhaps the most recognizable and certainly the best promoted hunting grounds in the state.