duck hunting

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hunting, hunt - the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
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We went there to buy shotguns and ammunition to be used in the upcoming duck hunting season.
The activist complained that the wildlife department seemed to be least pushed about checking the ruthless duck hunting for which the people didn't follow rules mentioned in the wildlife law.
His eye for opportunity helped him become a major force in the fortunes of Stuttgart and those who came here to take part in the area's signature activity, duck hunting.
Nothing beats the camaraderie of duck hunting and the fun to be had calling a flock of ducks to your spread.
Early in the season, the wood duck hunting was what we lived for.
Eight months of not duck hunting is too much for the waterfowl afflicted.
If you spend any time along the Long Island shoreline during winter, you may have noticed a few souls in small, ice-covered craft that look more like naval vessels ready to storm Omaha Beach than duck hunting boats.
The final split for duck hunting begins on December 9 and ends January 31.
Weatherby shares Delta Waterfowl's passion for promoting duck hunting and conservation, now and into the future," said Adam Weatherby, executive VP/COO.
I spoke yesterday with Adam Smith, the dean of Massachusetts sea duck hunting guides, to get his take on the tragedy.
Due to the migration of geese and ducks in huge numbers northern Missouri is an ideal location for Missouri goose hunting and duck hunting.