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1. A bowling pin that is shorter and squatter than a tenpin.
2. duckpins(used with a sing. verb) A bowling game played with such pins and a small ball.

[From its squat appearance.]


a short bowling pin used in a game of the same name, similar to ten-pin bowling, but the size of the balls thrown and pins is smaller
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Noun1.duckpin - a bowling pin that is short and squat by comparison with a tenpinduckpin - a bowling pin that is short and squat by comparison with a tenpin
bowling pin, pin - a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling; set up in triangular groups of ten as the target
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The blast occurred at a ''cheburechnaya'' -- a restaurant serving fried pastries -- that also offered duckpin bowling, which uses a ball without holes on a relatively short lane.
There are 12 lanes of bowling provided including both duckpin and ten-pin lanes.
On duckpin bowling, Mayne writes: "I have no idea how people play duckpin bowling.
A second building would house duckpin bowling, wall climbing, shuffleboard and miniature golf.
ARC worked closely with the City on 500 Maple Avenue and Pearson Square, replacing a warehouse and duckpin bowling facility with an upscale project that will transform the neighborhood.