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A hairstyle in which the hair is swept back at the sides to meet in an upturned point in back.


(Hairdressing & Grooming) another name for duck's arse


1. Dictionary of Americanisms.
2. District Attorney.



n., pl. DAs, DA's.
a hairstyle in which the hair is slicked back on both sides to overlap at the back of the head like a duck's tail. Also called ducktail .
[euphemistic abbr. of duck's ass]


1. daughter.
2. day.


1. delayed action.
2. direct action.
3. District Attorney.
4. doesn't answer.
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The vehicle features a massive kidney grille finished in chrome, flanked by sharp swept back headlamps that get full LEDs, a front bumper with massive air intakes, wide and flat styling with a ducktail spoiler, massive wraparound LED taillights, slim vertical air vents and a carbon fibre diffuser with twin trapezoidal exhausts.
He went to work at the Phoenix record shop on the Royal Mile, played rhythm guitar in the band Ducktail and coordinated community arts.
Fitrakis, a paunchy man with a ducktail mullet, was running for Congress as the candidate of the Green Party, which had co-sponsored the evening with ARA.
It does not move or pivot, and as the rear of it has been cut flat, it has more of a ducktail than beavertail profile.
It's the first pick-up in the local scene with a ducktail spoiler on the rear cargo door for enhanced aerodynamics.
7 with its ducktail spoiler--claimed by Porsche to be the first rear spoiler on a production vehicle--in 1972.
Superstar Shammi Kapoor's ducktail hairstyle with the edgy side fringe became a big style statement amongst the young generation.
This very special 911 features a double-dome roof and striking SportDesign front apron, with its unique spoiler lip and a fixed rear spoiler modelled on the legendary ducktail of the 1973 Carrera RS 2.
Designed with discerning customers in mind, the Porsche 911 Sport Classic with fixed rear wing in the " ducktail " shape, first exhibited by 1973's legendary Carrera RS 2.
I can't decide whether mine is like George Clooney's or the ducktail which is described as being worn by the "eccentric quiz regular or scout leader who can be a closet bigot and shady dealer.
The person sporting a Ducktail is seen as an eccentric quiz regular or scout leader, but who in reality can be a closet bigot and shady dealer.
Unique features include inner Neoprene sleeves and the Prois Ducktail, which unsnaps from the back of the jacket to provide an additional 12 inches of warmth and protection when sitting.