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 (dŭk′təl, -tīl′)
1. Easily drawn into wire or hammered thin: ductile metals.
2. Easily molded or shaped. See Synonyms at malleable.
3. Capable of being readily persuaded or influenced; tractable: a ductile young mind.

[Middle English ductil, from Old French, from Latin ductilis, from ductus, past participle of dūcere, to lead; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.]

duc·til′i·ty (-tĭl′ĭ-tē), duc′ti·li·bil′i·ty (-lə-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.ductility - the malleability of something that can be drawn into threads or wires or hammered into thin sheets
malleability, plasticity - the property of being physically malleable; the property of something that can be worked or hammered or shaped without breaking


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Bingley was endeared to Darcy by the easiness, openness, and ductility of his temper, though no disposition could offer a greater contrast to his own, and though with his own he never appeared dissatisfied.
Now whoever will examine into the nature of animals, and also observe those people who are very desirous their children should acquire a warlike habit, will find that they feed them chiefly with milk, as being best accommodated to their bodies, but without wine, to prevent any distempers: those motions also which are natural to their age are very serviceable; and to prevent any of their limbs from being crooked, on account of their extreme ductility, some people even now use particular machines that their bodies may not be distorted.
Higher austempering temperatures result in coarser structures that exhibit good ductility and dynamic properties.
Many metals lose ductility and tensile strength upon absorption of hydrogen.
The Lexan HPX resin series is a medium-flow resin offering excellent processability, including enhanced flow and release as well as very low temperature ductility vs.
This naturally occurring aluminosilicate is said to add strength, stiffness, and heat resistance without sacrificing ductility and with little increase in weight.
Cast aluminum components are used for many diverse functions, from applications that do not have critical service requirements to components for aerospace and automotive applications that require high strength, ductility and fatigue properties.
At the same time, they maintain excellent ductility and chemical resistance.
Besides improving the ductility of PPO/PPS blends, impact modifiers are shown to improve both the relative strength and the ductility of vibration welds.
Key benefits of the specially treated halloysite nanotubes to the polymers and plastics industries include an increase in the nanocomposite material strength and modulus (resistance to fracture under stress) without sacrificing ductility (ability to flow without breaking), improved uniformity of finished materials, reduced component weight and improved performance at higher temperatures.
They boast three-fold greater ductility plus better colorability due to less yellowness.