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For instance, the smoking cessation programs referred by Due Date Plus can lead to healthier pregnancies, especially for low-income women on Medicaid.
Likewise the consumers of district South can pay their utility services charges bills up to November 25 and the due date for district Malir is November 17.
For partnership returns, the new due date is March 15 (for calendar-year partnerships) and the 15th day of the third month following the close of the fiscal year (for fiscal-year partnerships).
For example: If you have an ultrasound before you're 14 weeks along and the fetal size suggests a due date that's more than seven days different from an estimated due date based only on your menstrual period, the ultrasound due date should be the one that is accepted as accurate.
Implement a due date tracking system for estate tax returns.
com Star magazine further reported that the due date of the second baby is August, which is almost close to the month of July when Prince George was born last year.
For example, if the sticker reads April 2014, then the new service due date is April 2016.
In the area of Early / Tardy scheduling, due date is the most important factor in the single machine problem.
She noted that under provisions of the Credit CARD Act, periodic statements must be mailed at least 21 days before they are due but they need only mention the due date.
Midwives told Miss Jones that there was a one in 100 chance of having her first child on the due date.
First, if the due date of a return falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday but the taxpayer files its return before the due date (and is not relying on the "timely mailing equals timely filing" rule under Sec.