duffle coat

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duffle coat

or duffel coat
A warm, usually hooded coat made of duffel or a similar material and fastened with toggles.


(or duf′fel) coat`,

a hooded overcoat of sturdy wool, usu. fastened with toggle buttons.
[1675–85; variant of duffel]
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Noun1.duffle coat - a warm coat made of duffel; usually has a hood and fastens with toggles
coat - an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors
مِعْطَف من قِماش الدَّفيل الصوفي
úlpa úr ull
rupjvilnas auduma mētelis
plášť s kapucňou

duffel coat,

duffle coat

(ˈdafəlkout) noun
a coat of coarse woollen cloth usually with a hood.
duffel bag
a large bag with a round bottom, straight sides and drawstring.
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COVER STAR p4 Alan Davies wore his own duffle coat to audition for Jonathan Creek, and he won the role because the producers thought it suited the character.
FA M I LY Shake Paws With Paddington Children and big kids alike can meet the duffle coat wearing bear at intervals between 11am and 4pm for bear hugs and photos.
He will be forever remembered for his creation of the iconic Paddington, with his duffle coat and wellington boots, which touched my own heart as a child and will live on in the hearts of future generations.
SAVE: PS3 Bluezoo boys' ' duffle coat, was PS18-PS20, now PS14.
As she takes her ugly shoes for a stroll in New York, wearing a duffle coat and tracksuit, you might think the 27-year-old singer has let herself go a bit.
The final section discusses the development over time of particular types of garments including the trench coat, pea coat, parka, motorcycle jacket, denim jacket, flying jacket, duffle coat, and field jacket.
Alan says: "The duffle coat is always on standby, even if the periods of duffle-hibernation are quite long these days".
The country star kept the cold London weather at bay by wearing a red and navy tartan duffle coat over the top of a black lace dress and tights.
A duffle coat is a timeless winter wardrobe staple, while rucksacks are everywhere at the moment and are a great way of adding instant "coolness" to an outfit.
Ruth Attridge, spokesperson for Debenhams said: "No longer just the hobby of a solitary riverbank dweller, these TV shows have made 'fisherman fashion', the humble duffle coat, waterproof trousers and obligatory chunky socks and thermals, the must have look for autumn/winter 2011.
He was dressed in a black duffle coat and is described as having a spotty complexion.
The 16-year-old left his house in Tredington Park wearing blue jeans, a grey jumper, duffle coat and black trainers.