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Noun1.dugout canoe - a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large logdugout canoe - a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log
canoe - small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle
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It was a dugout canoe, made by hollowing out a tree trunk.
WASHING WITH CROCODILES We started the day with an unexpected river crossing around 300m wide, so we had to jump in a dugout canoe steered by a local, helping people cross.
Doyli lives in the Amazon rainforest; she considers herself fortunate that she can take a dugout canoe to school, when some children live in such remote areas that there are no teachers available to educate them.
First, the samples are transported by dugout canoe, then they are placed in a vehicle and driven to the mobile laboratory in Gueckedou, where they are examined by technicians.
8221; And so when travel regulations for Cubans were at last relaxed, four members of the Ganga-Longoba made their first-ever overseas journey, traveling by plane, boat, dugout canoe and then on foot to stay in their ancestral village.
Taking a dugout canoe trip often meant walking hundreds of extra yards to water that was deep enough to launch from.
One summer day, Paul got this idea to build a dugout canoe from a large tree trunk.
AFP -- As the narrow dugout canoe glides softly across the vast swamplands around Nyal, a once sleepy town in South Sudan's Unity state, the only sound between the rhythmic plops of the paddle is silence.
The skipper, a man in his forties, claimed to have twice sailed a dugout canoe the 340 km between Tanimbar and the Northern Territory.
5m long logboat or dugout canoe - from the Niger Delta.
Cracknell's most recent Discovery series was World's Toughest Expeditions, and saw him pushing himself to the limit of endurance, inspired by personal heroes who achieved greatness in the face of overwhelming odds, from negotiating the largest waterfall on the planet in a tiny dugout canoe, to swimming the flood-swollen Xingu River.