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 (do͞ok′dəm, dyo͞ok′-)
1. A duchy.
2. The office, rank, or title of a duke.


1. another name for a duchy
2. the title, rank, or position of a duke


(ˈduk dəm, ˈdyuk-)

1. a duchy.
2. the office or rank of a duke.
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Noun1.dukedom - the dignity or rank or position of a duke
rank - relative status; "his salary was determined by his rank and seniority"
2.dukedom - the domain controlled by a duke or duchessdukedom - the domain controlled by a duke or duchess
demesne, domain, land - territory over which rule or control is exercised; "his domain extended into Europe"; "he made it the law of the land"
hertogadæmi; hertogatign
hodnosť vojvoduvojvodstvo


[ˈdjuːkdəm] Nducado m (título)


[ˈdjuːkdəm] n
(= title) → titre m de duc
(= land) → duché m


n (= territory)Herzogtum nt; (= title)Herzogswürde f


(djuːk) noun
a nobleman of the highest rank.
ducal (ˈdjuːkəl) adjective
ˈdukedom noun
the rank or territories of a duke.
References in classic literature ?
These possessions--for as such they might almost certainly be reckoned--comprised the greater part of what is now known as Waldo County, in the state of Maine, and were more extensive than many a dukedom, or even a reigning prince's territory, on European soil.
quoth he, "that fellow deserves either a dukedom or a hanging
A dukedom," replied Aramis, smiling in a significant manner.
If you were heir to a dukedom and a thousand pounds a day, do you mean to say you would not wish for possession?
I answer, because his father had the misfortune to be next heir to a Dukedom, and not to be able to prove it.
Just as the once independent dukedoms of France had to fuse into a nation, so now the nations had to adapt themselves to a wider coalescence, they had to keep what was precious and possible, and concede what was obsolete and dangerous.
The new Duchess, courtesy of the new royal dukedom bestowed on William by his grandmother earlier in the day, was elegant, composed and, dare I say it, "regal".
Lord 'Stoker' Hartington, as the duke was known before the death of his father in May 2004, when he succeeded to the dukedom, was the first chairman of the BHB, being appointed in June 1993 and serving for two and a half years, until succeeded by Lord Wakeham.
The story of Queen Victoria's youngest grandchild, Prince Charles Edward, who, after taking up the Dukedom of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in Germany, fought for the Germans in the First World War.
Blenheim may never have been Churchill's home, for the estate and family title passed to his cousin, the 9th Duke (a lifelong friend always known as 'Sunny'), but for five years in the 1890s Churchill was heir presumptive to the dukedom and it was always where his roots remained.
In Mecklenburg its Slav Prince became Christian and his family retained the dukedom until 1918.
I HAVE had the best time ever watching the Royal Wedding on TV and to hear the news that the Queen has marked the event by giving her grandson a dukedom is wonderful.