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or duk·kah  (do͝ok′ə)
An Egyptian spice blend of toasted and ground nuts, seeds, and herbs, such as hazelnuts, sesame, coriander, and cumin, used as a topping for meat or vegetables or as a dry dip for bread coated with olive oil.

[Egyptian colloquial Arabic daqqa, from Arabic, powder, from daqqa, yaduqqu, to crush, pulverize, and daqqa, yadiqqu, to be fine, thin; akin to Hebrew dāqaq, to crush, beat into small pieces, and Akkadian daqqu, pulverized, fine.]


(ˈdʊkə) or


(Cookery) a mix of ground roast nuts and spices, originating in Egypt, and used for sprinkling on meat or as a dip
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some of the resistance seen in Dukka, but again its decision lacks
Tenders are invited for repairs to cc drain, brick steps and landings at katikala masthan street, dukka tirupathamma street and anjaneya vagu in 32nd div
This leads to further dialogue with Eastern thought, in particular the Buddhist tradition and its prominent focus on the notion of suffering or dukka.
The spinach salad has a nutty, moreish sesame dressing and chunks of poached chicken, while the heirloom tomatoes are topped with creamy dollops of goat cheese and a crunchy mix of nuts and spices called dukka.
18 to 24, a new episode of "Eat Well, Be Happy'' premieres on Channel 8 with Debra's Natural Gourmet sharing recipes for mango chia pudding, kelp noodle salad and Egyptian chicken (or tofu) with dukka.
His search for enlightenment led him to discover four noble truths: First he found out the painful truth that this world to be a Dukka Sagara, a sea of sorrows; second he realized the main cause of this flood of misery was human DESIRE - grasping selfish desire to get what one doesn't have as well as the desire to keep all what one has including one's life marked by everyone's fear of death.
There were artisanal cheeses, a pasta station, succulent dukka (dusted ovenroasted lamb rack with mint sauceincredible
The Ramadan additions to the menu includes healthy dishes made from fresh, high- quality produce, such as grilled tiger prawns with mango for starters, chicken apricot tagine or dukka crust fish fillet for mains, and chocolate Umm Ali with nuts and cinnamon for dessert, among other options.
Dunk and dip into any one of Terra Rossa's award winning olive oils and Herby Zaatar, Spicy Dukka or Zesty Sumac.
The first Noble truth is that suffering, dukka, is inevitable (Burtt, 1982).
In nordsamischen Dialekten benutzt man die gleichstammigen Bezeichnungen: dokka, dukka, tohka u.