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also dum·found (dŭm′found′)
tr.v. dumb·found·ed, dumb·found·ing, dumb·founds also dum·found·ed or dum·found·ing or dum·founds
To fill with astonishment and perplexity; confound. See Synonyms at surprise.

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Adj.1.dumbfounding - bewildering or striking dumb with wonderdumbfounding - bewildering or striking dumb with wonder
incredible, unbelievable - beyond belief or understanding; "at incredible speed"; "the book's plot is simply incredible"
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Insp Chris Charlton said: "Some of the number plates we discovered were simply dumbfounding, not to mention highly unlawful.
The state cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, is approaching 6 percent, which makes the salary proposal a dumbfounding one, board member David Tokofsky said.
Truly, it is just dumbfounding, flabbergasting--all those superlative adjectives--that this could possibly happen," says space-policy analyst Marcia S.