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A hollow-point small-arms bullet designed to expand upon impact, inflicting a gaping wound.

[After Dum Dum, a town of northeast India.]


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a soft-nosed or hollow-nosed small-arms bullet that expands on impact and inflicts extensive laceration. Also called: dumdum bullet
[C19: named after Dum-Dum, town near Kolkata (Calcutta) where these bullets were made]


or dum•dum

n., Slang.
a stupid person.
[appar. reduplication and resp. of dumb]



a hollow-nosed or soft-nosed bullet that expands on impact, inflicting a severe wound.
[1895–1900; after Dum-Dum, suburb of Calcutta, India, where the bullets were made]
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Noun1.dumdum - a soft-nosed small-arms bullet that expands when it hits a target and causes a gaping wound
bullet, slug - a projectile that is fired from a gun

dumdum (bullet)

nDumdum(geschoss) nt
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I recollect, sir, there was a girl at Dumdum, a daughter of Cutler of the Artillery, and afterwards married to Lance, the surgeon, who made a dead set at me in the year '4--at me and Mulligatawney, whom I mentioned to you before dinner--a devilish good fellow Mulligatawney--he's a magistrate at Budgebudge, and sure to be in council in five years.
A former member of the anti-tank platoon, known as 027, has already alleged that colleagues used illegal dumdum bullets and deliberately shot unarmed civilians in the city on January 30, 1972.
The inquiry has heard claims by 027 that paras used illegal dumdum bullets and deliberately shot unarmed people on the demo.
Tenders are invited for Improvement Of Original Nh-215 From Karo Bridge To Dumdum Bridge Via-Koira Town From 0/000 Km To 3/145 Km Road Under State Plan
His godmothers are: Sarah May Halasan, Alma Uy, Arlene Acain, Mildred Bohone, Carolyn Azunar, Gail Firbank, Sheila Salada, Odette Carbonell, Analyn Cabais, Michele Madula, Claire Jackson, Mona Liza Dumdum, Jenelyn Carbonell, Dolly May Barnabal, Marija Blesida, Apolinar Maricel Luzon, Wilhelmina Udarbe, Josephine Guillen, Elizabeth Riley, Jeanette Cole, Nella Rellama, Gaudencia Dator, Susan Morris and Irine Bancel.
Tenders are invited for Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance Of Integrated Security System At Howrah, Sealdah, Asansol Jn, Malda Town, Barddhaman, Durgapur, Ballygunge, Majherhat, Dumdum Jn, Bidhan Nagar Road.
New Delhi/Kolkata, Sep 1 (ANI): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) moved the Supreme Court on Wednesday challenging the order of the Calcutta High Court asking it to launch a fresh investigation and register a murder case into the death of computer graphics teacher Rizwanur Rahman, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances near a railway track in Kolkata's Dumdum area in September 2007.
The pair also had a huge cache of ammunition, including dumdum bullets banned by the Geneva Convention.
But you have to be pretty dumdum not to realise that this was bound to give rise to suspicions,press clamour and embarr assing questions in the House of Commons.
Rizwanur Rahman was found dead near railway tracks in North Kolkata's Dumdum area on September 21, 2007.
THE family of a man shot dead on the Tube by police yesterday demanded to know if dumdum bullets were used.
A FORMER airport security officer who sparked an alert when he flew into London from America carrying dumdum bullets in his jacket pocket was jailed for nine months yesterday.