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v. dumped, dump·ing, dumps
1. To release or throw down in a large mass.
a. To empty (material) out of a container or vehicle: dumped the load of stones.
b. To empty out (a container or vehicle), as by overturning or tilting.
a. To get rid of; discard: a fine for dumping trash on public land; dumped the extra gear overboard.
b. Informal To discard or reject unceremoniously: dump an old friend.
4. To place (goods or stock, for example) on the market in large quantities and at a low price.
5. Computers To transfer (data stored internally in a computer) from one place to another, as from a memory to a printout, without processing.
6. Slang To knock down; beat.
1. To fall or drop abruptly.
2. To discharge cargo or contents; unload.
3. Slang To criticize another severely: was always dumping on me.
1. A place where refuse is dumped: a garbage dump; a nuclear waste dump.
2. A storage place for goods or supplies; a depot: an ammunition dump.
3. An unordered accumulation; a pile.
4. Computers An instance or the result of dumping stored data.
5. Slang A poorly maintained or disreputable place.
6. Vulgar Slang An act of defecating. Often used with take.

[Middle English dumpen, dompen, to fall suddenly, drop, of Scandinavian origin.]

dump′er n.
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Noun1.dumper - truck whose contents can be emptied without handlingdumper - truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity
motortruck, truck - an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling


[ˈdʌmpəʳ] N (also dumper truck) → volquete m


n (= dump truck)Kipper m
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VOLUNTEERS working to fix a leaking dam have appealed for help - in the form of two dumper trucks.
A DAY after M AIL T ODAY reported about Gurgaon traffic police personnel taking bribes from dumper drivers to allow them to transportation of stones in NCR, a special team of Gurgaon police arrested Station House Officer ( SHO) of Sohna police station on Sunday on the same charges.
The caustic, free flowing additives; previously manually added to the process, are input to the system using five, NBE Lift-and-Seal[TM] drum dumper units.
KARACHI -- Nine persons were killed and three others sustained injuries in a collision between a hi-roof van and a dumper truck in Baldia Town area of the metropolis late on Sunday night, rescue officials said.
a world leader in bulk material handling and thermal processing systems, has announced the sale of a turnover railcar dumper barrel to Oxbow Carbon LLC.
North Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses and information about the theft of a Terex Hip Tip Dumper D764.
At least half a dozen big dumper trucks have been parked on this ground for the past week, robbing the badly needed parking space for employees and visitors to various offices in the area.
According to details, a speedy dumper hit a motorcycle on IJ Principal Road killing three persons.
This vehicle was on caterpillar tracks and had a white driver's cab situated to the nearside of the vehicle with the dumper bucket at the rear.
A stolen dumper truck was used to destroy 16 lampposts, along with trees and benches in the vandalism spree at Everton Park.
The $18-million upgrade, completed on schedule over a 90-day period beginning in August, involved major overhauls of the facility's dumper system, which transfers coal from rail cars to a conveyor system, and its two loaders, massive rolling structures that deliver the coal to the ships.
Summary: A dumper truck driver has had a lucky escape after his vehicle fell into a 20-metre-deep ditch, while he was reinforcing a dam in China.