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a doubling over or a tuck (of the skin, muscle wall, etc)


(ˈdu plɪ kəˌtʃʊər, -kə tʃər, -ˌkeɪ tʃər, ˈdyu-)

a folding or doubling of a part on itself, as a membrane.
[1680–90; < New Latin duplicātūra. See duplicate, -ure]
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Sporadic endolymphatic sac tumor is a very rare neoplasm derived from the endolymphatic sac, a part of the inner ear located in the dural duplicature in the posterior cranial fossa behind and medial to the labyrinth.
In Ostracoda ontogenetic changes are also seen in the increasing complexity of hinge, duplicature (calcification becomes broader), marginal pore canals and in the pattern of muscle scars (early larval stages of some genera have a smaller number of muscle scars than the later larval stages and adults).
In other cases, a duplicature of limbs are caused by the superabundance of this original nutritive fluid, as in the double yolks of eggs, and the chicken from them with four legs and four wings" (Darwin I: 526).