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 (do͞o-plĭs′ĭ-təs, dyo͞o-)
Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.

du·plic′i·tous·ly adv.
du·plic′i·tous·ness n.


in a deceitful manner
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When in fact we have seen him running with the hare and hunting with the hounds - Acting duplicitously and hypocritically; more towards the protecting the perpetrators of heinous crimes rather than establish justice.
The economist went on to say, quite duplicitously, that "those who dismiss TRAIN as such, without a deeper explanation and a reasonable justification, are ideologically driven, are opposing for the sake of opposing, are misinformed, or are not equipped with the analytical tools to dissect TRAIN.
The intervening space of the apartment represents the blank, faceless state departments conspiring anonymously and duplicitously with political allies and threatening enemies.
This injustice is in addition to the voter suppression inflicted upon the African-American community by other laws duplicitously masquerading as voter fraud prevention.
What makes Snowden and the film about him even more daunting is the fact that, through the years after he bravely or duplicitously blew the lid off the US intelligence community's Pandora's box of secrets, its 'fallout' and 'collateral damage' have effected drastic changes in national and global security procedures, both official and secretive.
The Soviet leader duplicitously denied culpability, artfully blaming the National Socialists.
154) In other words, Congress and presidents duplicitously used the early projected revenue gains from Roth IRA expansions to avoid budget restrictions on other revenue losses that the pay-as-you-go ("PAYGO") and the Byrd Rule ten-year window constraints imposed.
The therapist in the play acts duplicitously and serves as the best example for this: at the beginning of the play, the audience is offered several seemingly true-to-life episodes of counselling (or, at least, of what all people imagine it to be, according to ethical and societal norms--a psychologist whose enormous amount of knowledge is only surpassed, perhaps, by his patience, and his willingness to help people, even if online communication has to replace the visit to his office).
Duplicitously purporting to know what it is in effect making, the voice that designates and discusses the exceptional being as a monstrous aberration is engaged in a speech act masquerading as what it is not--a cognitively tenable statement of fact.
Along with its mother organization, the controversial Fora do Eixo network, it was accused of duplicitously exploiting the group's business-social movement, closed collective-open network ambiguity, and privately appropriating collective organizing work by presenting itself to politicians, institutions, and corporations as the key movers behind large mobilizations ("Mais um relato," 2013; "Acabou a magia," 2013).
Deveroux's overtly racist tone (he uses the ubiquitous "Pat" or "Paddy" for Irishmen) is not lost on Fergus, who duplicitously replies, "it's not Pat.
Robert Holub's essay exposes how, in the novella, Stifter duplicitously conceals both its didacticism and fictionality as an exercise of realism.