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Of, related to, or being the verbal aspect that expresses action continuing unbroken for a period of time.
1. The durative aspect.
2. A durative verb or verb form. In both senses also called continuative.


(ˈdjʊərətɪv) grammar
(Grammar) denoting an aspect of verbs that includes the imperfective and the progressive
a. the durative aspect of a verb
b. a verb in this aspect


(ˈdʊər ə tɪv, ˈdyʊər-)

of or pertaining to a verb or verb aspect expressing incomplete or continued action, as the verbs beat and walk in contrast to strike and step.
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Noun1.durative - the aspect of a verb that expresses its duration
aspect - the beginning or duration or completion or repetition of the action of a verb
imperfective, imperfective aspect - aspect without regard to the beginning or completion of the action of the verb
progressive aspect - the aspect of a verb that expresses its on-going action
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A 17-year-old boy referred to hospital in October 2010 for a durative ache in his right knee after an injury during football training.
The ADG and BW were not affected in the starter phase and greatly increased in the grower phase by dietary MS supplementation, which indicated that a durative time was needed for MS to exert the growth promotion effects in broiler chicks.
Curiously, the durative predicate constituting "intimate conduct" has no acting subject.
I am specifically interested in seeing what would a Rancierean untimely learning mean when it is read through Johanna Takala's durative presence.
RTS games are interesting from an AI point of view because their decision complexity, generated by vast maps, large unit numbers, concurrent durative actions, and limited state observability, precludes solutions based on brute-force search and forces us to consider problem decompositions and abstractions.
Usually this process happens automatically, but in literature, "the near instantaneous process is slowed down considerably, becoming durative rather than punctual" (67), emphasizing that perception requires a temporal process of construction through hierarchical organization and interpretation.
5) The scar on his thigh is the sign (sema) that is most often summoned to confirm recognition (anagnorisis) of Odysseus; as such, it is an externalization of a durative social identity.
Full Moon Stages transcends the reception model that comprises most books, by which one simply absorbs information in the hope of better understanding the subject matter at hand, and demands of the reader an intensity of psychic and durative commitment that is difficult to summon in these days of instantaneity.
Whereas the latter two describe a durative expectation, surprise is a momentary feeling.
The cooperators contribute some of their resources as the PGs that incur sharing costs, while all of the peers who consume the PGs must pay with their private goods according to their consumption to maintain the networks' durative and robustness.
The fourth shade of the metaphorical pain expressions promotes an image of "rhythmical sensation", expressed in the durative verbs to encode an iterative (repetition of the action) situation.