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also Du·roc  (do͝or′ŏk′, dyo͝or′-)
Any of a breed of red swine developed during the 1800s in the United States.

[After Duroc, a horse owned by the developer of the breed.]


(Breeds) an American breed of red lard pig
[C19: from Duroc, name of a stallion owned by the man who developed this breed]


(ˈdʊər ɒk, ˈdyʊər-)

one of an American breed of hardy red hogs having drooping ears. (ˈdʊər ɒkˈdʒɜr zi, ˈdyʊər-)
[1880–85, Amer.; allegedly from the name of a horse owned by the breeder]
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Duroc said that Napoleon would receive the Russian general before going for his ride.
That is why those who accompanied him, and even his especial friends, used to drop like nuts: Duroc, Bessieres, Lannes-- men as strong as bars of steel, which he cast into shape for his own ends.
The numbers of Duroc boars and gilts for testing were somewhat closer compared to the numbers of boars and gilts in the Landrace and Yorkshire populations, which varied greatly.
For the infected domestic Duroc crossbred pigs, high fever >41[degrees]C and respiratory problems were observed at 4-5 dpi, and red discoloration was observed in the ears (Figure 2, panel C).
In the West San Gabriel Valley, the generations-long feud between Latino gang Duarte Eastside and black gang Duroc Crips escalated to a several-weeks war during March and April of 2003 with four separate gunbattles and one death.
The difference of the two trees was that, in NJ, Duroc grouped together firstly with Yantai, then with Yimeng, Licha, Landrace, Wulian, and finally with Yorkshire, while in UPGMA, four indigenous pig breeds in Shandong grouped together firstly, then with Duroc, Landrace, and finally with Yorkshire.
2008) reported that PERV-C types were only found in a few pig breeds such as Landrace (16%; 8/50), Large White (21%; 9/43), Duroc (52%; 26/50), Berkshire (68%; 129/191), miniature pigs (83%; 5/6) and genetically modified triple cross-breed (LWD) pigs (100%; 36/36).
The Napa Valley Grille menu will maintain many of the customer favorites as Chef Joseph adds new items that reflect his signature: Duo of Duroc Heritage Pork with Smokey Bacon-Flecked Farro, Sprouting Broccoli and Pink Lady Applesauce; Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Farmer's Market Broad Beans and Maitake Mushrooms; Grilled Baja Day Boat Scallops with Artichoke Hummus and Fava Bean Salad and Grilled Carr Valley Edam Grilled Cheese and Lobster "Knuckle" Sandwich with Sweet Pea Salad.
A contracted farm, with a herd based on the Duroc breed, supplies boars to eight farmers in various parts of the country.
Four breeds, Berkshire (n = 1,345), Duroc (n = 459), Landrace (n = 245) and Large White (n = 446), of farm performance tested pigs were measured for IMF percentage using live animals and their pork quality trait records were collected.
He sells traditional quality breeds of pig such as Pedigree Welsh and Duroc, that are slaughtered by a local butcher in Rhayader and sold through four farmers' markets close by.