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adj. dusk·i·er, dusk·i·est
1. Having low diffused light; dim or shadowy.
2. Rather dark in color: dusky blue. See Synonyms at dark.

dusk′i·ly adv.
dusk′i·ness n.
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Noun1.duskiness - the state of being poorly illuminated
semidarkness - partial darkness
2.duskiness - a swarthy complexion
complexion, skin color, skin colour - the coloring of a person's face


Absence or deficiency of light:
قَتامَة اللوْن
dyster stemningmørklødenhedtusmørke
drungi, myrkur
karanlıkkaranlık oluş


nDunkelheit f


(dask) noun
(the time of) partial darkness after the sun sets; twilight.
ˈdusky adjective
ˈduskiness noun
References in classic literature ?
In one sense, this picture had almost faded into the canvas, and hidden itself behind the duskiness of age; in another, she could not but fancy that it had been growing more prominent and strikingly expressive, ever since her earliest familiarity with it as a child.
It might be difficult -- and it was so -- to conceive how he should exist hereafter, so earthly and sensuous did he seem; but surely his existence here, admitting that it was to terminate with his last breath, had been not unkindly given; with no higher moral responsibilities than the beasts of the field, but with a larger scope of enjoyment than theirs, and with all their blessed immunity from the dreariness and duskiness of age.
For pallor and duskiness of complexion are called qualities, inasmuch as we are said to be such and such in virtue of them, not only if they originate in natural constitution, but also if they come about through long disease or sunburn, and are difficult to remove, or indeed remain throughout life.