dust contamination

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Noun1.dust contamination - state of being contaminated with dust
contamination, taint - the state of being contaminated
2.dust contamination - the act of contaminating with dust particles
contamination, pollution - the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors
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Katherine Sutton, deputy director of operations for Raigmore Hospital, confirmed the cancellations were due to dust contamination.
Dust control systems are a necessary step to prevent jobsite dirt and dust contamination.
Until then, dust contamination, cigarette butts from passersby or food wastage from children playing nearby, could have contaminated the bottles.
In December 2016, The Oregonian published a series of investigative articles exposing serious lead dust contamination in more than 400 National Guard armories in 41 states, and there is evidence that the problem may be even more widespread.
Minimising dust contamination when filling and shifting hundreds of tonnes of powdered ingredients through a factory is challenging for manufacturers, but there is now innovative new equipment available from Spiroflow.
Dust contamination is a huge problem in many areas of industry--especially where the product needs to be painted, decorated or laminated.
This technology provides extreme miniaturization that reduces the gas flow rate, providing a significant immunity to dust contamination and humidity.
BICEP researchers took a PDF of the slide--an elliptical Rorschach inkblot of reds, yellows and blues--converted the image into a grid of numbers based on color, and used the numbers as one way of estimating the dust contamination in their own data.
Electrostatic dust contamination is present throughout the plastics industry.
A property development in Windhoek may bring dust contamination to a nearby Kindergarten but the developers said they are taking preventative measures to contain the effect of this pollution.
001) indicating that household dust contamination by metals originated from a common anthropogenic source.
Static electricity causes productivity, quality and safety problems throughout industry: in the form of electrostatic attraction or repulsion, it generates dust contamination and product misbehaviour; as an electrostatic discharge it gives shocks to operators, starts fires and destroys electronic components.