dust contamination

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Noun1.dust contamination - state of being contaminated with dust
contamination, taint - the state of being contaminated
2.dust contamination - the act of contaminating with dust particles
contamination, pollution - the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors
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Minimising dust contamination when filling and shifting hundreds of tonnes of powdered ingredients through a factory is challenging for manufacturers, but there is now innovative new equipment available from Spiroflow.
Indoor: via air and dust contamination from materials in buildings, furnishings, packing materials, and electronic and electrical appliances containing PCBs, PBDEs, SCCPs.
BICEP researchers took a PDF of the slide--an elliptical Rorschach inkblot of reds, yellows and blues--converted the image into a grid of numbers based on color, and used the numbers as one way of estimating the dust contamination in their own data.
crystal display (LCD) screen, the displays not only provide sunlight optimized viewing capabilities at every angle, but also protect against fog and dust contamination a must-have in the mobile off-road market.
A property development in Windhoek may bring dust contamination to a nearby Kindergarten but the developers said they are taking preventative measures to contain the effect of this pollution.
For almost 20 years, specific actions that include extensive training, task modification, special clothing, and protective materials to reduce exposure to lead dust contamination and tracking of lead dust to areas outside the work site are required when working on homes built prior to 1978.
Static electricity causes productivity, quality and safety problems throughout industry: in the form of electrostatic attraction or repulsion, it generates dust contamination and product misbehaviour; as an electrostatic discharge it gives shocks to operators, starts fires and destroys electronic components.
According to Bruker, users benefit from limited dust contamination with improved analytical results and extended quartz tube lifetimes.
In past missions, radiation and dust contamination were shown to be highly detrimental to surfaces exposed even for short periods of time, including the suits worn by the astronauts.
Similarly, salt and dust contamination provides information about sea levels and the spread of deserts across the globe at any given time over the last 800,000 years.
Building managers have to consider a wide range of proposals from specialized cleaning companies and have difficulty arriving at a decision because there is no recognized or standardized method for assessing a system's dust contamination.
Although previous studies have recommended monitoring blood lead levels among children of lead-exposed workers, no standards exist for levels of lead dust contamination in vehicles or on child car safety seats.