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He traveled six or seven days' journey; he was only seventeen years old, and, boy like, he toiled through that long stretch of the vilest, rockiest, dustiest country in Asia, arrayed in the pride of his heart, his beautiful claw-hammer coat of many colors.
This scroll, majestic in its severe simplicity, illuminated a little slip of front garden abutting on the thirsty high-road, where a few of the dustiest of leaves hung their dismal heads and led a life of choking.
It's no secret that limestone is the dustiest substance in the cement production process, largely because it's the primary ingredient.
With an IP68 rating3, your LG X venture dares you to run on the dustiest trail, cycle through the muddiest puddles, or survive virtually any environment.
Unlike the other flags in the neighborhood, the one flying outside my house might be the dustiest, most worn out American flag I've seen in my life: the blue bleeds purple; the red fades pink; and the white wants desperately to be the color of bad banana pudding.
During the period, the yearly average respirable dust samples collected by MSHA from the dustiest occupations in underground coal mines fell to 0.
In fact, June and July, the months with the longest daylight in the year, produce the least amount of solar energy due to being the windiest and thus, the dustiest.
He has buried himself among "the dustiest, least-used stacks in the archive, those holding century-and-a-half-old agricultural journals, the most neglected body of early American writings" (3).
One of those involved in the project is Professor David Thomas of Oxford University, a veteran researcher of some of the world's dustiest areas.
Drywall sanding may be the single dustiest process in any remodeling project.
Sitting next to the plunger, the two men with the job of tying wires were stuck in what had to be about the dustiest, dirtiest place on the farm.