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a.1.Without dust; as a dustless path.
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On Saturday he met me with a well-groomed motor, and ran me out, in an hour and a half, to an exclusive residential district of dustless roads and elegantly designed country villas, each standing in from three to five acres of perfectly appointed land.
These patents span new materials such as transparent armor that our ATS Armor subsidiary will leverage, dustless brakes that are under evaluation by a major European automotive company, and a titanium ore processing technology currently under license with one of the largest titanium companies in the world.
Tenders are invited for Six-Wheel Dustless Waterless Street Sweepers
O sea-bird, beautiful upon the tides, White as the moon is when the night abides, Or snow untouched, whose dustless splendour glows Bright as a sunbeam and whose white wing throws A glove of challenge on the salt sea-flood.
The SS-10 SA is designed to use abrasive or bead-type media for dustless blast cleaning, descaling, surface preparation and cosmetic finishing of components that may be too damp or oily for dry blast processing.
Located between the two levers was a recessed pellet tray measuring 5 cm wide, 4 cm tall, and 3 cm above the floor into which 45-mg Bio-Serv[R] Dustless Precision Pellets (Product #F0021) were delivered.
tag=at88-20&ie=UTF8&qid=1414132648&sr=8-20&keywords=sony+xperia+z3+cases) carrying case for Sony Xperia Z3 which uses imported environmental PC materials and latest dustless matte.
The entire process takes place in a dustless facility to prevent other substances from contaminating the product during transportation.
As a memorial for lynching victims, Blossom, with its silk leaves and dustless bark, felt too clean, too pat--especially in comparison to the video Cheshire.
The basic component of the docking system is the patented, split-zip fastener which joins two separate connections together, airtight and dustless.
As the material enters the discharge tower, it passes over a belt scale and into a retractable dustless discharge chute, which extends down into the railcar opening.