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n. Slang
A row; a dispute.



a quarrel; argument; row.
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Noun1.dustup - an angry disputedustup - an angry dispute; "they had a quarrel"; "they had words"
difference of opinion, dispute, difference, conflict - a disagreement or argument about something important; "he had a dispute with his wife"; "there were irreconcilable differences"; "the familiar conflict between Republicans and Democrats"
affray, altercation, fracas - noisy quarrel
pettifoggery, spat, squabble, tiff, bicker, bickering, fuss - a quarrel about petty points
bust-up - a serious quarrel (especially one that ends a friendship)
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Leaders in multiple other states have invited Delta to move its headquarters following the dustup.
As they denounced Rinaldi's role in the dustup, Democrats made no secret they were already looking toward 2018.
The 2016 Pirelli World Challenge season ended with a bang Sunday afternoon in Monterey, California, as the Acura TLXs of RealTime Racing deftly avoided a last-lap dustup and finished with a pair of top-10 finishes in the season finale.
Compared with LIGO's previously detected black hole merger, this one was a more minor dustup.
Another dustup between interior minister Socrates Hasikos and Auditor-general Odysseas Michaelides came to the fore on Wednesday over the approval of some 800 student visas to Bangladeshi nationals.
David Uberti, writing in Monday's Columbia Journalism Review, said PBS' marketing arm, PBS Distribution, acknowledged pulling the October ad but declined further comment on the dustup.
The action begins when Violet is out running and comes across a man who has been in a dustup and is distressed.
And he and FGL helped Bell with her monologue, taping a segment poking fun at the Jay Z-Solange Knowles elevator dustup, complete with black-and-white security footage.
A"playground" parish pump dustup in a genteel Warwickshire village has left taxpayers with a bill of thousands of pounds - after a ban on a veteran councillor was overturned following a High Court skirmish.
Steven and Michelle Gesse got into a dustup with some neighbors, who accused the former of threatening one of them with a gun.
If NHTSA decides to open an investigation, it wouldn't be the first dustup between Toyota and the agency.