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1. A substance used to color materials. Also called dyestuff.
2. A color imparted by dyeing.
v. dyed, dye·ing, dyes
To color (a material), especially by soaking in a coloring solution.
To take on or impart color.
of the deepest dye
Of the most extreme sort.

[Middle English deie, from Old English dēag, dēah.]

dy′er n.


 (dī′ər), Mary Died 1660.
English-born American Quaker martyr who was twice banished from Boston because of her beliefs. She was hanged after returning to the city a second time.
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Noun1.dyer - someone whose job is to dye clothdyer - someone whose job is to dye cloth  
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills


[ˈdaɪəʳ] Ntintorero/a m/f
dyer'stintorería f


nFärber(in) m(f); dyer’s and cleaner’sFärberei und Reinigung f


[ˈdaɪəʳ] ntintore/a
References in classic literature ?
This Mary Dyer had entered the mint- master's dwelling, clothed in sackcloth and ashes, and seated herself in our great chair with a sort of dignity and state.
In 1660, the same year in which Mary Dyer was executed," said he, "Charles II.
Ah, there's better folks spend their money worse," said a firm-voiced dyer, whose crimson hands looked out of keeping with his good-natured face.
Messeigneurs," said an old woman in the middle of the hall, whose form was so concealed beneath her garments that one would have pronounced her a walking heap of rags; "Messeigneurs, the thing is as true as that I am la Falourdel, established these forty years at the Pont Saint Michel, and paying regularly my rents, lord's dues, and quit rents; at the gate opposite the house of Tassin-Caillart, the dyer, which is on the side up the river--a poor old woman now, but a pretty maid in former days, my lords.
There is not only the herd, but the shearer and brander, and then the dresser, the curer, the dyer, the fuller, the webster, the merchant, and a score of others.
He was a dyer, who in the course of dipping homespun wool and old women's petticoats had got fired with the ambition to learn a great deal more about the strange secrets of colour.
You know, I said, that dyers, when they want to dye wool for making the true sea-purple, begin by selecting their white colour first; this they prepare and dress with much care and pains, in order that the white ground may take the purple hue in full perfection.
The experience of Rear Admiral George Dyer illustrates the dangers of mirror-imaging coalition allies, even those as close as the Royal Navy.
Ironside offered Dyer the command of the first battalion of prisoners and a promotion to Captain, which Dyer happily accepted.
John Dyer, 25, claims he acted in self-defence when he killed Stephen Bennett, 28, in the early hours of September 21 last year.
Bush by Geoff Dyer, Visual Editions, sb, 25 [pounds sterling]
Michael Dyer, 27, was working as a waiter at the Presthaven holiday resort at Prestatyn during a Morris dancing event in September last year which was attended by families and elderly people, Mold Crown Court heard.