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dyke 1

n. & v.
Variant of dike1.

dyke 2

 (dīk) also dike
n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a lesbian.

[Origin unknown.]

dyke′y adj.


slang characteristic of lesbians; suggestive of lesbianism


adj (inf)lesbisch
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The Killing of Sister George (1968)--Viperish BBC executive Mercy Croft (Coral Browne) puts the moves on Childie (Susannah York), the girlfriend of dykey soap actress June Buckridge (Beryl Reid), in a sequence steamy enough to be cut by censors in various New England states in 1968.
Terry, who lives in Melbourne with partner Grazynka Ziemkiewicz, 26, says that on the whole, lesbian life in Australia "could be likened to lesbian life in many places around the world--generally less visible than the gay male scene and with a limited selection of distinctly dykey nightlife options available.
In the previous three series about lottery winner Alison and her dysfunctional brood, we've got used to barmy dream sequences and so series four began with one - dykey daughter Virginia picturing her mother's funeral - and then got a whole lot funnier.