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dyke 1

n. & v.
Variant of dike1.

dyke 2

 (dīk) also dike
n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a lesbian.

[Origin unknown.]

dyke′y adj.


slang characteristic of lesbians; suggestive of lesbianism


adj (inf)lesbisch
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When I tune in to Rehab Addict and see host Nicole Curtis, sweaty and dirty in a tank top, looking like the lesbian archetype typified by Gina Gershon in Bound, I can't help but think she's made people consider gender and sexual orientation by (a) rarely talking about a husband or boyfriend on screen, (b) having her queer friends helping on certain episodes, and (c) looking as dykey as any woman is allowed on cable TV these days (Rachel Maddow exempted).
Drummer Spikey Van Dykey is supposed to be miming the songs, but just can't resist and is actually playing the drums.
Androgynously sexy and dykey but not quite butch, the lesbian hipster creates her own categories by falling in between earlier ones.
My mum had dykey hair and drove a manly car and turned up in jeans to the school parents' evenings with another woman," laughs Dan, who is himself gay
I'm on the dykey side of bi, a nebulous region where girls are my present, boys are my past, and my future is a strong person with a beautiful heart.
One need only examine the criticism received by so-called "angry" Indian women writers such as Chrystos, Paula Gunn Allen, Lee Maracle, Leslie "Almanac of the Dead" Silko to see that, without utilizing these learned negotiations, we are quickly and efficiently labeled difficult for one reason or another--too honest, too dykey, too feminist, too gruesome or vindictive--and don't get heard at all.
A married housewife becomes a promiscuous gay man; the seminarian remains single and presumably celibate; a couple of ex-lesbians start dating conventionally feminine heterosexual women; and a squeaky-voiced bodybuilder attracts a dykey lesbian girlfriend and rides a motorcycle in San Francisco's Pride parade.