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A tetrode with grid and plate potentials so arranged that plate current decreases when plate potential increases.

[Greek dunamis, power; see dynamic + -tron.]
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and names of parties qualified after technical evaluation: 1) Almechnish Engineering Private Ltd2) Dynatron Services3) Flash Forge Pvt.
Markus Blatt--HPC-Simulation-Software & Services D-Wave Systems Dynatron Corporation E4 Computer Engineering EMC Emulex EPCC, Edinburgh University ETP4HPC European Exascale Projects European Open File System (EOFS) ExaScaler Inc.
Spacious therapy/rehabilitation rooms are equipped with the most state-of-the-art equipment, such as Dynatron 950 Plus electrotherapy/ultrasound unit and a NuStep TRS 400 recumbent bike to help restore patients to maximum functional independence as quickly as possible.
Strength testing of the lower extremities using the Dynatron Mini 2000 [Dynatronics; Salt Lake City] are provided in Table 2.
The strong profit generated in the quarter was largely a result of the introduction of the new Dynatron X5 Oscillation Therapy device during the month of June.
And all long gone, along with the teak cased Dynatron with enormous speakers that my mum saved up to buy for me.
The Crown Posada, Side, Newcastle, manages to hang on to the ability to stimulate conversation and encourage quiet reflection (with no television and what music there is drifts from a Dynatron Cavalcade on the counter, to the tune of The Inkspots).