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, dysacusia, dysacusis
n. disacusis, disacusia, trastorno o dificultad para oír.
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The initial symptoms were pure paresthesia of lower limbs in two patients, pure weakness of lower limbs in two, paresthesia and weakness of all limbs in one, bilateral dysacusis in one, dizziness resulting from orthostatic hypotension in one, alternating diarrhea and constipation in one, and dysarthria owing to glossohypertrophia in one.
The initial symptoms were different among them, including paresthesia or weakness of limbs, dizziness, dysacusis, alternating diarrhea and constipation, and dysarthria.
Revisao sistematica da literatura, com os descritores DeCS (Health Sciences Descriptors--BIREME) e MeSH (Medical Subject Headings, PubMed), tendo sido utilizados de forma irrestrita: prevalence(s) AND(hearing disorder(s) OR dysacusis OR hypoac$ OR hearing impairment OR bilateral deafness OR hearing loss, complete OR acquired deafness OR hearing loss, extreme) AND (adolescent(s) OR teen(s) OR teenager(s) OR teenager youth OR youths adolescence OR adult(s), young).