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n. despigmentación, decoloración anormal de la piel y del pelo.
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Similarly, anti-aging creams prevent the early signs of aging such as laxity, wrinkles, dyspigmentation, erythema, and poor skin texture.
They decrease collagenase and elastase levels, and reduce fine lines, roughness and dyspigmentation.
Ageing skin is characterized by fine lines, wrinkles, lentigines, dyspigmentation and increased coarseness.
Arsenic-induced nonmalignant skin lesions, including hyperkeratosis and dyspigmentation, are some of the most common and earliest signs of chronic iAs exposure (Pi et al.
I was suspicious that small amounts of repetitive UVA sunlight through window glass, for instance, could lead to epidermal and dermal injury with telangiectasia and dyspigmentation.
7 fine lines/wrinkles, (only clinical assessment, no objective clinical measurement was used) dyspigmentation, overall clinical grade of photo-ageing, tactile roughness The results SKIN.
Thinning of the healing skin, called atrophic scarring, as well as loss of color in the skin, called dyspigmentation, may occur in older lesions.