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Adj.1.dyspnoeic - not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty; "breathless at thought of what I had done"; "breathless from running"; "followed the match with breathless interest"
unventilated - not ventilated; "stuffy unventilated rooms"
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As she was severely dyspnoeic, she was referred to emergency of our institute.
O/E- Patient was dyspnoeic, oedema and abdominal distention present, vitals-stable.
On arrival to emergency department, he was semi-conscious, dyspnoeic and appeared pale.
They are severely dyspnoeic (breath less), which is aggravated by any exertion.
On physical examination she was dyspnoeic, heart rate was 110 beats/min, and blood pressure was 80/50 mmHg with a pulsus paradoxus of 22 mmHg.
Many patients were tachypnoeic, not dyspnoeic, and were able to lie flat.
Dyspnoeic at rest and struggling to sit or eat unassisted, he continued to decline blood product on numerous occasions despite extensive counselling.
Efficacy of lower-limb muscle training modalities in severely dyspnoeic individuals with COPD and quadriceps muscle weakness: Results from the DICES trial.
Curiously, dyspnoeic initial presentation is emphasised by the same data source as a risk factor for readmission, with additional risk factors including ictal phenomena at initial presentation and history of both drug abuse and prior severe hypertensive admission.
Within 15 minutes of commencing the examination, the patient became acutely dyspnoeic.
20 min after the stings), both dogs were dyspnoeic, hypotensive, comatosed and seizuring with multiple stings and dead honey bees all over the body.
He was dyspnoeic (Kussmaul respiration) and tachypnoeic, respiratory rate of 50 Cycles/minute, breath sound was vesicular and no crepitations.