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e'en 1


e'en 2



adv, n
a contraction of even2, evening



adv. Chiefly Literary.
[1250–1300; Middle English]
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Adv.1.e'en - even
References in classic literature ?
One moment more," laughed Robin, "we must e'en change garments for the nonce.
Then the butchers saw that they must meet craft with craft; and they said to him, "Come, brother butcher, if you would sell meat with us, you must e'en join our guild and stand by the rules of our trade.
An you cannot find a buyer for your herd at this just figure, I will e'en buy them myself.
I would e'en take it for sublime, did I not know that the colic is a noisy malady.
However, let us e'en venture to slide down together; for Miss Bridget rings her bell, and Mr Allworthy is summoned to breakfast, where I must attend, and, if you please, shall be glad of your company.
The room is e'en clear o' Sir Paitrick, and the leddy's alane, and waitin' for ye.
ye may e'en ring yer heart out--but ye won't part a Scotchman from his glass.
The cairds may e'en find their way to the parlor by other hands than mine.
My passions, from that hapless hour, Usurp'd a tyranny which men Have deem'd, since I have reach'd to power; My innate nature - be it so: But, father, there liv'd one who, then, Then - in my boyhood - when their fire Burn'd with a still intenser glow,(For passion must, with youth, expire) E'en then who knew this iron heart In woman's weakness had a part.
Now the first of these two voices was far the louder, for Little John had grown passing fond of good living through abiding at the Sheriff's house; so, presently, looking up into the blue sky, across which bright clouds were sailing like silver boats, and swallows skimming in circling flight, quoth he, "I fear me it will rain this evening, so I'll e'en stop at the Blue Boar till it passes by, for I know my good master would not have me wet to the skin.
Nay," quoth he again, after a time, "this matter must e'en be looked into.
My soul He doth restore again; and me to walk doth make within the paths of righteousness, e'en for His own name's sake.