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Simple GUI-based, customizable, e-Fraud Rule Library for detecting suspicious activity or unusual access to a customer account in real time, including unusual geo-location, behavior and transactional patterns
Cracking E-Fraud is designed to provide immediate, practical information to help security professionals safeguard their intellectual property, profitability, and reputation.
Based on its industry leading Real-Time e-Fraud Detector(TM) (RTFD) product selected this year by leading U.
Reward Conundrum, and E-Fraud Risk Management, to name a few.
Launching a powerful new defense against on-line fraud in financial services, Business Signatures announced today e-FraudMart(TM), the newest addition to its e-Fraud Prevention Solution suite.
FFIEC Authentication, Risk Assessment, and E-Fraud Prevention Packages Available for Banks to Implement Best Practices in Online Security
Komodo's proprietary system, code named "KOGO(R)", is due to launch in a couple of days, KOGO(R) totally eliminates spam, phishing and e-fraud via email not only for our subscribers but also for Komodo's entire infrastructure.
Breaking down the barriers to immediate FFIEC compliance and strong front-door security across the online financial services world, Business Signatures Corporation today unveiled the newest product in its e-Fraud Prevention Solution, Mutual 2 Factor Authenticator(TM) (M2FA), a state-of-the art authentication solution based on Business Signatures unique technology.
It is critical for organizations to understand the risks presented by e-fraud, and take aggressive measures to thwart them," says, Mr.
The growing proportion of e-fraud shows that spam is more than just 'direct marketing gone bad' and attests to the growing sophistication of financial fraud techniques," said Drori.
To protect against e-fraud and to enable customers to shop with confidence, Chase provides an Online Shopping Guarantee: Chase cardmembers will not be held liable for any online purchases if their Chase credit or debit card is used without their authorization.
The half-day sessions use a consultative approach to educate attendees on computer security, focusing on strategic security issues surrounding e-commerce, e-fraud, intrusion detection, hackers, and internal and external threats.