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One that sells goods or commodities to consumers electronically, as over the internet.

[e- + (re)tailer.]


[ˈiːteɪləʳ] Nvendedor m en línea, vendedor m via or por Internet
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The UAE's brick-and-mortar retailers are mounting an all-out assault against the price advantage that e-tailers have had.
UAE-based tablet and smartphone maker Touchmate has revealed that it's participating at DISTREE Middle East 2014 with the aim of forging alliances with e-tailers in the region.
The UK s top 50 e-tailers struggled to maintain good website performance over the busy Christmas period, finishing 2013 on a low, according to global information assurance firm NCC Group.
The proposed Marketplace Fairness Act legislation would require collection of sales tax for all Internet purchases--a scenario many e-tailers feel would be ruinous to their profitability.
Burks joins SearchDex at a time when the SEO sector is enjoying explosive growth and large e-tailers are seeking sophisticated providers to tailor innovative SEO programs.
Big name e-tailers such as John Lewis Direct are relying on a Birmingham firm to 'protect' their reputation and deal with seasonal demands.
Worldwide Computer Products News-9 August 2002-Keynote introduces LoadSuite for E-Tailers (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
E-tailers must carefully balance the costs of a delivery proposition that appeals to customers with the reality that shipping and packaging take a bite out of revenues.
Research firm McKinsey & Company recently unearthed a fascinating statistic: three-fourths of the most successful e-tailers are online channels of existing established brick-and-mortar companies.
To succeed in this environment, e-tailers should provide supply and demand and thereby create efficiencies for both buyers and sellers, notes the report.
A new Gartner survey of more than 160 companies reveals that 12 times more fraud exists on Internet transactions and that e-tailers are paying credit card discount rates that are 66 percent higher than traditional retailer fees.
NEW YORK-Despite these troubled times for e-tailers, analysts predict that e-commerce winners will emerge when the shakeout's over.