each week

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Adv.1.each week - without missing a week; "she visited her aunt weekly"
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I could see no reason why I should, at the end of each week, pour the reward of my toil into the purse of my master.
Rain or shine, work or no work, at the end of each week the money must be forthcoming, or I must give up my privilege.
But now there was a member of the family who was permitted to travel and widen her horizon; and so each week there would be new personalities to talk about,--how so-and-so was dressed, and where she worked, and what she got, and whom she was in love with; and how this man had jilted his girl, and how she had quarreled with the other girl, and what had passed between them; and how another man beat his wife, and spent all her earnings upon drink, and pawned her very clothes.
The newsletters will be sold in both print and electronic formats and will be about 30 pages or more each week, with an average of 50-100 articles in each issue.
They are typically 30 pages or more each week, with an average of 50 to 100 articles in each.
Outlook: Mojave is probably the only Southern Section to team that's still playing after an 0-4 start, and seems to get better each week.
During each week, the exact same things must be done as described, with the exception of draining and bottom drop.