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Adv.1.each year - without missing a yeareach year - without missing a year; "they travel to China annually"
2.each year - by the yeareach year - by the year; every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received); "he earned $100,000 per annum"; "we issue six volumes per annum"
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Under income forecast depreciation, the deduction for each year is the same proportion of basis as that year's income is to FTI.
Such volatility arises from two sources, The first is variation due to differences in the groups of students being tested each year.
About 10,000 depository institutions use the Fedwire funds transfer system to transfer each year approximately 86 million payments valued at more than $280 trillion.
Read literally, the 110-percent limitation requires that each year of the base period ratio itself be tested against its base period ratio.
The longer you choose to keep your name, the less it will cost you for each year of registration.
1291(a)(1)(A) (without offset), multiplied by the highest individual or corporate rate (whichever applies) in effect for each year to which an amount is allocated, and the aggregate interest amount is an interest charge imposed on each year's aggregate increase in tax, starting on the hypothetical due date for that tax year and ending on the due date for the tax year of the distribution or disposition; see Sec.
If velocities change little over the next year and a half, Committee members' expectations of nominal GDP growth in 1997 and 1998 imply that M2 and M3 will likely finish around the upper boundaries of their respective ranges each year.
The company distributes more than 35 million catalogs to a customer list of three million computer users in eight countries each year.
Use of the self-test ensures that the total NAE amount for each year of the test period is less than, or equal to, the total adjusted NAE amount computed under the actual-experience method.
Based on that reemergence and on Committee members' expectations for the growth of nominal GDP in 1996 and 1997, the Committee anticipates that both M2 and M3 will probably finish near the upper boundaries of their respective ranges each year.
2002-39's explicit annual monitoring requirement, they must continue to meet the 25% test each year.
The Service, therefore, may reconsider the taxpayer's entire return for each year that refund or credit of an alleged overpayment is sought, even to the extent of disallowing any deductions that previously had been erroneously allowed (and thereby reducing or eliminating the claimed refund).