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A lock of curled hair that hangs in front of the ear.


(Hairdressing & Grooming) a curl or lock of hair close to the ear



a lock of hair worn in front of the ear.
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23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- OTTO, an industry leader in two-way radio accessories, and SureFire, a leader in hearing-protection technology, are pleased to announce the release of the new Hurricane III with SureFire's Patented EarLock Retention Rings and Noise-Reducing Filters.
The Earlock said, "Hi, I'm Eli," in a thick Brooklyn accent.
The district court held that: (1) the inmate's beliefs were sincerely held; (2) the policy requiring the inmate to remove his earlocks substantially burdened a tenet of his religion; (3) requiring the inmate to purchase or obtain from a charity a depilatory to comply with the policy did not substantially burden a tenet of the inmate's religion; and (4) summary judgment was precluded by a genuine issue of material fact as to whether the prison policy of refusing to allow the inmate to grow earlocks was the least restrictive means of protecting the prison's compelling interests.
Yahya, wearing traditional Yemeni clothes including a thawb (long white robe), coat and a shawl around his head, can only be identified as a Jew by his curly earlocks.
His earlocks tucked in out of sight under his sumata, one could easily have mistaken the rabbi for a Muslim Yemeni, something one takes for granted in this predominantly Muslim country.
Now without earlocks, and having shaved his once long beard more closely to his face, he is hardly recognizable.
Every cent people donate to us is used to help the needy," says the bearded rabbi who, like his ultra-Orthodox counterparts in New York, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Jerusalem, wears a black hat, white shirt, black suit, and "payes," or earlocks.
At the end of the film version of The Chosen, the son, shorn of his distinctive earlocks and without his Hasidic dress, is shown departing for his new life.
A kind of Forrest Gump in earlocks, Shlemiel is sent by the town's resident sage, Gronam Ox (Charles Levin), on a pilgrimage to spread the questionable wisdom of his elders.
1996) (shaving earlocks of Hasidic Jew not least restrictive means of achieving security); Campbell-El v.
I had an eighteen-year old It brother, tall, pale, with short earlocks, but very good-looking--he was really something to look at .
In short, I developed a good feel for the human side of people with earlocks, broad-brimmed black hats, black suits, white shirts, and white fringes just sticking their heads out at pocket level.