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Loud and shrill enough to hurt the ears: an earsplitting shriek.


(ˈɪərˌsplɪt ɪŋ)

painfully loud or shrill.
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Adj.1.earsplitting - loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss
loud - characterized by or producing sound of great volume or intensity; "a group of loud children"; "loud thunder"; "her voice was too loud"; "loud trombones"


Marked by extremely high volume and intensity of sound:
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Carmen Arcadiae Mecanicae Perpetuum, bouncy and bubbly, was wellpaced under Richard Baker's clear and encouraging baton, and Panic, a brilliant vehicle for heroic saxophonist Benjamin Hill and so-cool drum-kitter Nathan England-Jones, brought a triumphant conclusion, however earsplittingly strident its decibel-levels.
The fact that the actors are earsplittingly overmiked doesn't enhance the subtlety of the piece.
Earsplittingly powerful, the speakers are like steroids to the musical muscle, enhancing the performance so much that an ordinary record can sound like an anthem.