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a. Springing from or born on the earth.
b. Human; mortal: earthborn existence.
2. Of or connected with earthly life: earthborn pleasures.


1. of earthly origin
2. human; mortal



1. born on or sprung from the earth; of earthly origin.
2. mortal; human.
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Adj.1.earthborn - of earthly origin (as mortals are); "earthborn existence"
mortal - subject to death; "mortal beings"
2.earthborn - springing from or born on the earth; "earthborn beings"
human - having human form or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings; "human beings"; "the human body"; "human kindness"; "human frailty"
3.earthborn - connected with earthly life; of earthly origin; "earthborn cares and pleasures"
earthly - of or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven; "earthly beings"; "believed that our earthly life is all that matters"; "earthly love"; "our earthly home"
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The hot vapour lapped round the earthborn Titans: flame unspeakable rose to the bright upper air: the flashing glare of the thunder- stone and lightning blinded their eyes for all that there were strong.
s Earthborn Holistic[R] Venture[TM] pet food line will use sustainable packaging produced by Peel Plastics Products Ltd.
John Moulder: Earthborn Tales of Soul and Spirit (2016).
com) CARNIVAL FEVER | Paint by Earthborn from the Claypaint range Reading Room blue and the Lido, 750ml emulsion, PS15.
But others, in turn, upon the boundless, blooming earth Destroy the lovely fields of earthborn men Filling them with dust and troubling racket.
Tatum plays an inter-planetary warrior who falls for Earthborn cleaner Jupiter Jones (Kunis), who might just offer the only chance to save Earth from destruction.
The chain, which has branches in Budaiya, Amwaj Islands and Sanad, is enticing pet owners with a range of Taste of the Wild and Earthborn products, which place meat as their primary ingredient as opposed to grain and supplements.
Earthborn was one of the first brands in the UK to be awarded the Ecolabel Flower symbol for its clay-based paint, which comes in 60 colours.
Other sponsors are Founders Sponsors which include CBC Federal Credit Union, BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse, Costco, Earthborn Holistic, Travis Agricultural Construction, H&R Block, Opolo Vineyards, Oxnard, West Coast Marble & Granite and Total Barricade Service Inc.
Eggshell is also the colour "de jour" for interior design with Elle Decoration choosing eggshell paint from earthborn as one of its top colours - www.
With more than 30 paint brands in stock from famous brands including Dulux, Crown, Earthborn, Little Greene and Farrow & Ball, we know customers appreciate a helping hand when it comes to selecting colours," says Lee Tiffin, home improvements business manager.